Tips for Choosing the Right Online Homeschooling Programs

Tips for Choosing the Right Online Homeschooling Programs

Online homeschooling programs might just be the next big education trend. Those who want their child to excel in their studies both inside and outside school can safely turn to homeschooling programs to manage the gaps in their education. Homeschooling is a great option especially for parents who work full-time time and struggle to assist their children with their homework. Moreover, accredited homeschooling programs will ensure that the child receives a fully balanced education and a complete study schedule. However, choosing the right homeschooling curriculum can be a daunting task if one doesn’t know what to look for.

In addition to helping kids learn, a homeschooling curriculum provides extra support and stability and can also teach them how to focus and prioritize their time. It can be an especially useful education option for children who have trouble getting motivated. Many programs also guide their students in reflecting on valuable life lessons. Every homeschooling program is different, however, so there are many things one should consider when choosing an online homeschooling program for their child. We’ll explain them in more detail to give a clear picture of what to look for.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Homeschooling Program

Kids who struggle in school can have low self-esteem and lack the motivation to complete their schoolwork.¹ That’s why one needs to find a program that will change their child’s attitude towards school and learning.

The prime option is to find a homeschooling program that provides one on one teaching and tutoring to the child.² The curriculum that is recommended by the homeschooling course should be chosen in conjunction with the child’s interests, education level, and personality and provide a feasible but challenging course set. It is of utmost importance that the homeschooling program presents new knowledge to the child in a manageable way while motivating them to learn new things. By choosing a program that is ill-fitted to the child’s needs, it can result in the struggle of their lessons, and either leads to them becoming bored or stressed.

What Makes a Great Homeschooling Program?

Most people who don’t homeschool their children assume that homeschooling means that the parents are in charge of educating their children and that homeschooled children are isolated or lonely. However, with a great homeschooling program, this should not be the case at all. In fact, a good online homeschooling curriculum should be a conduit that links children to the outside world in stimulating and educational ways.  Although the program should require students to complete homework and meet strict deadlines, the top homeschooling programs are also fun and exciting and should make children feel content and interested in all that there is to learn.

The online homeschooling program should be able to explain each lesson in a simple way that is easy for the child to understand. There should also always be a way for the child to be able to reach out to a teacher or tutor associated with the program if they ever have a question. The goal of the program should be to encourage the child to learn new things and to foster a positive attitude towards schoolwork.

What Type of Homeschooling Program is Right for My Child?

Many people don’t know that there are hundreds of different homeschooling methods. Debates about which homeschooling method is on the top of the list have existed for years, but knowing which one will be most successful may generally depend on the child’s personality and study habits. To help make up one’s mind, here is a summary of 3 different ways to homeschooling that online programs often follow³:

  1. School-at-Home: These types of homeschooling programs typically follow the exact same format, curriculum, and format as public schools and usually even hire a teacher who will be assigned to teach the child and follow up on assignments. This means, however, that because of the additional resources and personalization required for this type of homeschooling program, the expenses of enrolling are also typically higher – in some cases, they may even be the same tuition rate as enrolling the child in a physical private school. So make sure to be aware of the potential expenses before choosing this option.
  2. The Classical Method: Dating as far back as Ancient Greece, the Classical Method of homeschooling emphasizes learning through traditional texts and often incorporates Greek and Latin learning. One may find that homeschooling programs that follow the Classical Method encourage students to read literary, historical and mathematical canon and take part in debates about open-ended questions.
  3. Charlotte Mason Method: The Charlotte Mason method takes an observational perspective to education, and is known for being a great homeschooling option for parents on a budget. Focusing on short periods of study combined with reading the classics, as well as biographies and other stories, encourages students to take nature walks and keep journals.

First of all, before choosing a program to enroll the child in, first determine which type of homeschooling will ideally fit the child’s needs. If uncertain about what type of homeschooling would be better for the child and situation, there are many online forums that debate this particular topic. Also, ask other parents about their experiences with different homeschooling programs and get a recommendation.

How to Find a Great Tutoring Company

Finally decided to enroll the child in a homeschooling program? Make sure to do proper research. It is important to check that the program is accredited and does not suggest a curriculum that is too specific or above the educational level of the child and might confuse them. Another important thing that needs to be watched out for is their approach to students. It is good if one finds a homeschooling program that provides custom lesson plans designed specifically for the child’s needs.

Furthermore, the ideal homeschooling programs will provide additional support and should also provide resources for parents in order to motivate and support the child’s learning and growth.

Once a homeschooling program and style is chosen, carefully research their website. Check if they have a section specifically designed for parents and find out how they can support both parent and the child. In the end, hiring the right homeschooling program can have a major impact on the child’s intellectual and emotional development.

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