Build An Incredible Career With An Online Healthcare Degree!

Build An Incredible Career With An Online Healthcare Degree!

Looking for a high-paying and long-term career in healthcare? Then an online degree might right choice! Online degrees in healthcare provide all the knowledge needed right from the comfort of our own home. Learn details in the article below and get on the way to an awesome career today!

Online Healthcare Degrees Main

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. No doubt the development in medical tools and technologies has altered patient care practices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to grow over the next decade by 18 percent. This growth is much faster than other occupations regarding the expected addition of new jobs.

These online healthcare degrees provide flexible pathways to fulfilling careers while giving convenient options for working professionals and others who seek career advancement while maintaining work or family responsibilities.

1) Medical Assistant Studies

Medical Assistant programs will prepare for a professional entry-level career in a healthcare facility such as a doctor’s office, a clinic, surgical centre, or hospital.

The tuition fee for this online program ranges from $80,000-$90,000, but the rigorous training and financial investment prove well worth the effort. Graduates can expect to earn an average salary of $34,800. [1] The program length is almost 20 months.

By registering in this course, it will be possible to learn basic medical terminology, laws, ethics, and professional medical coding. As the name suggests, the largest employers of medical assistants are physician’s offices, but other employers include hospitals, outpatient care centres, and chiropractic offices. Now as a medical assistant, there is the possibility to choose the specialty in which an individual wants to work. For example, it is possible to apply to work in various specialties such as pediatric, ophthalmic, ob-gyn, geriatric, orthopaedic, etc.

2) Healthcare Administration

All kinds of medical facilities rely on healthcare administrators to coordinate human resources, nonclinical services, and financial operations. These positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, public health administration, or business administration.

The tuition fee for healthcare administration varies from $9,000-$34,000. This degree had a wide range of career options from a medical sales consultant to the chief executive officer of a hospital. According to PayScale, the average salary package ranges from $70,070 to $173,000. 

3) Nursing

Nursing is one of the most well-paid and well-known degrees globally. Career opportunities in nursing are growing at a faster pace than other occupations. To get a master’s degree in nursing the tuition fee can range from $400 to $800 per credit and the price can go over $22,000 at the end of your degree. 

The master’s degree has specialty tracks, so it is possible to choose to study anesthesia, nurse practitioner or nurse-midwifery. It will be necessary to attend online classes regularly. Along with basic medical subjects such as pharmacology, pathology, bioinformatics, and pathophysiology nurses are also taught skills including communication, decision-making, and critical thinking to help improve patient outcomes. The average salary is $75,510 depending upon the scale of the job. [2]

4) Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are gaining fame nowadays. For a student who is interested in helping others gain mobility physiotherapy, this is the right career choice. The tuition fee for physiotherapy is a bit high as compared to other online degree programs. A three-year doctorate in physical therapy may have a price over $75,000.

There are many different sub-domain that someone can choose from according to the subject of your choice such as sports, geriatrics, cardiovascular and neurology. Through the online bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, it will start with study basic sciences to gain a better understanding of patient management, but to gain extensive hands-on skills may require clinical rotations at teaching hospitals or campuses. The average salary of a physiotherapist is about $87,930. [3]

5) Online Doctorate in Pharmacy

This is the most in-demand online healthcare degree. If interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacist, trust previous knowledge of biology and chemistry. Both of these subjects are the basis of this field. Many universities provide online degrees in pharmacy. [4]

During the course of this degree, it will be possible to learn about drug interactions, pharmacy practice, applied pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutical calculations. The basic courses include pathophysiology, pharmacotherapy, and biostatistics as part of the program. A Pharmacist’s average salary is about $111,860.

Online healthcare degrees are a great choice to enter the healthcare industry. There is the chance to work in a variety of health industry settings after getting a good degree in a desired field. Do online research before choosing a degree program and know details about the institution. Beware of online scams.


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